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the weekend starts out clear but i tell you when you may have to watch out for storms. i cannot repay everyone. a community cookout for daniel who has captured so many heart. how the money will be used. it is more than 6 weeks. we work for to find out ways taking so long to clean up the trees. an incredible night for the
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city of baltimore. community funds razors for daniel. >> daniel has been upgreated to fair condition. no word on when he will get out of the hospital. when he does, friends and strangers want to be sure there's enough money to care for his needs. take these shoes and lots of laughter. >> this is the brighter side following a school shooting. something good for something horrible. >> this shows how many we love daniel and how much we want to support him. >> only the second time that daniel's mom has left the hospital. she stopped by for a quick dinner and to say thanks for the people helping her family. everybody pledged $25 and every penny goes to the family. >> being able to come home to my son at night and being able to be with him.
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my heart went out to daniel's mother. >> it was easy to rally people in perry hall because it is a close community. >> strangers at the time. lauri madoni picked up her phone to call her nephew. he reached out to the lodge that donated the food. there's a raffle and everyone hopes it doesn't stop. >> i hope that something positive comes from this to stop this. >> andrew padoni is a junior at perry hall. >> a lot of people are shocked. daniel is in the hospital and on the road to recovery while people he may never meet makes sure he is cared for financially. >> is a hero. and i hope everyone thinks of him that way. he is fighting hard to come
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back home to be with us. and tonight there's a great story from a family friend. you remember daniel love for lady gaga. the first time he walked, he wore her mask. the facebook page that wrote lady gaga please visit daniel and we are hearing that gaga will be in new york next week and fingers crossed she will make a trip to daniel's hospital room in baltimore. we have a special section for the perry hall school shotting. you can get the updates and as well as read inspirational stories. it is on the man accused of causing a hit-and-run on the 4th of july weekend is taking a plea deal. we have their react to this decision. >> for the the first and time
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his hit-and-run accident they got to see the man behind the wheel. >> i was shaking the whole time. >> the defendant was in court fora motion hearing but he pled guilty to manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident. >> it provided me comfort because i was dreading the idea of gointo the trial. >> they are members after family still struggling to deal with a huge loss. 22-year-old matthew was killed memorial day weekend as he crossed the highway. now the man that killed him will be going to jail. >> i don't know if the tears were for him or for what happened. i hope he was feeling remorse. >> the plea means matthew's family won't have to endure a trial. it is the first hurtle in
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trailing. another step was going through the first raven's game without their favorite fan. the dad took the tickets to matthew's grave and made a banner and he will bring it to the stadium. >> the sign says cheese and make sure he will be there at every game. matthew's parents will present impact statements at the sentencing. his moment says she is not concerned with the time, instead she wants to make sure that community service is included so that they can work of people in need and take responsibility for what he did. hundreds of police officers from around the region paid their respects to a baltimore city police officer who died in the line of duty. services for officer forest diante was held.
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officer taylor spent 17 years with the department and injured in a car accident and died last week from his injuries. his colleagues say officer taylor was committed to this city. >> he was on the front line of the crime fight. he worked on the task force and home side opts and several different patrol districts. in terms of his experience, he interacted with officers. towards the end of his career, he became a mentor. prior to his death, he was getting moved up to the police academy where he was going to help others. officer dino tayler was buried in annapolis. survived by his wife and two young children. a nice sunny day in downtown baltimore as the fans were getting ready for the game. we are looking at storms and cross your fingers that the game doesn't get rained out. when will the storms roll in, hopefully 11:00 after the game. >> it would be nice.
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it does look like the timing may interfere with the game. we had decent weather thursday. the game tonight was outstanding weather. we got great weather for saturday and sunday. low 70s now humidity high. dew points have come down but it is still humid. that humidity could help build the storms as they drift in. you see them from canada and michigan all the way down to southern missouri. the storms are strong to severe. we will see how they hold together as they approach our area late tomorrow afternoon and evening. overght, quiet and muggy. we will look for storms in the afternoon. much more on that and the rest of your weekend. after the big storm back on june 29th. people that live in little river was promised that help was on the way. christian shafer is here with the story. >> rosie, tall trees tower over their homes but the trees are on property that's owned by baltimore county. the county says that it will take care of the trees but the
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storm was more than two months ago and it has not happened yet. >> somebody is going to get hurt. >> that's a definite possibility. >> i will tell you right now i'm petrified and afraid that the trees will come down. >> the trees behind compass river are more than 100 feet tall, some are already dead. others choked by fast growing ivy. >> it is certainly close enough to hit your house. >> yes. >> especially this one. >> yes. >> this is what the area looked like after the storm back on june 29th. a huge tree came down taking out a power pole and cables and cutting power for more than a week. after that, people that live here say that it wasn't worse. >> eventually they are going to go. i just hope that nobody gets hurt. >> and the trees sit on land owned by baltimore county. we had calls from people on
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july 23rd. a spokesperson says that at least some of the trees would be coming down in two weeks. july23rd was more than 6 weeks ago. >> i really thought i cod count on baltimore county. but evidently i can't. >> the spokesperson says that the job has been assign to a contractor but there was such a large number of trees downed and damaged that there's a major backlog among the tree contractors. that is little comfort with storms predicted for saturday. >> i don't know wait is going to take to be honest with you. >> a spokesperson says that tree cutting on county property is based on safety. in other words, there are other areas of the county being work order considered more unsafe than compass road. we will let you know if there is any other trees to report on. it has happened again. vandals target on bridge road
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in baltimore county. a school resource officer noticed the damage. two hours later the company that operates the camera had it repaired. this is the second time that camera has been vandalized. the yankees had a 7-0 lead in the 5th inning. the yankees, the evil empire won the game 8-5 and for you a- rod fans he hit a 300th homer. 45,000 people showed up to watch the game. good to see those people. and the stadium is full again. parents are bringing their kids out to the yard. kids that haven't seen or felt or heard about the oriole way. the traditions have become memories over the last 13 years but like our photographer
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toney, who hopped on the bus and went to memorial stadium to get a bag of peanuts or after 1984 you would take the light rail down to the stadium. parents hoped for new heroes for their children. i have told them about players in the past that were good. now they can rally behind adams and jones and they can say when i was a kid it was eddy murray and now they can find their own for the first time. >> i hope matt wheaters will be hit cal rip kin. >> i would like to have one of those foam fingers when i was a kid. >> start traditions on your own a long with the barbeque. >> despite what happened tonight, this has been the most fun an oriole fan has had since 1997. buying just not yankees tickets but the windows were busy all
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afternoon. wait a minute, aren't all the friday in the fall purple fridays? >> conflicted friday. >> we are not sure which way to go. >> let's hope we have conflicted fridays in october. you can go either way on a friday because you know what? you can't lose. we want to see how you are showing your oriole prize. sent your pictures to you can check out our other oriole galleries on the first purple friday of the year. people taking the purple route weren't disappointed as the caravan rolled through the area with stops lasting to the wee hour of the evening.
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it started bright and early this morning. one of art modell's sons talked about his father's last moments. david modell said he and his father john left their father's side when he died thursday morning. we had a moment with my father at the hospital with four players, the head coach, the owner. that i think easily rivaled my father when my dad received the trophy. it was a special moment that i will never forget. it is no surprise that the organization is in a position to succeed because it is filled, filled with wonderful, warm and kind people. tomorrow fans can pay a silent tribute to the former
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raven's owner. his casket been on the field between 11 and one p.m. fans are encouraged to park in lots b and c and wear purple. the funeral will be on tuesday starting at 11:00 a.m. fans are asked to make donations to the seed school. one of the many, many organizations supported by the modell family. one of the best high school football teams in country. five players have been kicked off of the team and out of school after a trick. we'll tell you what they did in their hotel room that cause add huge ruckus. if you have an "i" phone you probably have our storm app but it is available for google, android be sure to check it out. we'll have more on that straight ahead. you always see the mmercials for candidate a or candidate b. this issue or that issue. who pays for it all? the cash behind the campaign
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the principal at damantha high school is standing behind his students. they are being disciplined. >> a sex scandal involving football players and perhaps the most well-known high school in the dc area. parents bringing their children to school here today were so surprised, they were almost speechless. >> i think it is unfortunate. >> according to the principal, the incident happened this past weekend during the football team's trip to north carolina for its first game of the season. according to those reports, players hired prostitutes and had sex in the hotel where the team and school chaperones were staying. >> we sent 18 chaperones and 65 players. we conducted room checks and
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monitored hall ways. the last bed checks at 1:30 a.m. saturday morning and the hallway ares were monitored. it happened after five a.m. >> i am taken a little bit back. it is a catholic school with guidelines. >> school life had returned to normal today, the nationally ranked football team went through a day of classes and prepared for the game tonight in annapolis minus five student athletes facing discipline. >> it is the type of schooling that they are well-known for discipline policy. i would be interested to see how they handle. >> it it is not the school's fault. they are trying to make it sound like it is but it comes from how they are raised. >> the football team played calvert hall and they won 23- 14. >> we have the ravens and orioles and we have one of the
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most decorated olympian. on monday before the ravens kick off, charm city will recognize michael phelps for his olympics medals. the event is open and free to the public. democratic democracy 2012. money is pouring in at extraordinary rates two month before the election. we have an insight as to who is behind all of the cash. >> when it comes to the money and campaign for the white house, both sides have different strengths. >> the speeches. >> appreciate the work they are doing to make new mexico strong. >> the handshakes and photos. democracy2012 battles for
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votes. >> it is because private money is exclusive funding both candidates. it is piling up fast, especially for president obama. he has raised $347 million from individual contributions. a hefty margin over governor romney 192 million senate is stagger that president obama has raced half of his money for people giving $200 or less. >> michael beckal for the center for public integrity, a nonprofit organization says that it is a different story for governor romney where donors are each giving $2000 to his campaign. >> for romney, he has a trem amount of support from financial insurance and real estate sector. >> if there was three big industries supporting obama, it is hollywood, it has been the computer and tech industry and law firms. >> it is the education and health fields where president obama's top donors work. >> if you want to be successful ... >> and gender. >> obama has been engaging both
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men and women at a pretty solid clip. >> 44% of mr. obama's funds have come from women, 56% from men. compared to governor romney where women is responsible for 29%. male donors make up 70%. for as much as both campaigns are taking in, they are getting to know you better in hopes that you will open up your wallet. >> campaigns are becoming much for sophisticated as a retail, door to door kind of identify the voters that will support you. >> president obama has a significant advantage hit comes to individual contributions, the supporters of governor romney have vested the president in outside fundraising. the super political action committees. jim osman from washington. now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> maryland's most powerful radar is crystal clear. we continue to see the clear
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weather holding. in baltimore itself, conditions muggy but still not as humid as it has been. the dew point of 66. about a five point drop from the 72 dew point. i'm not saying it is not humid, it is but not as sticky as it has been in the last few days. weather through the day, sunshine over the river today as we see the naval boats make their way in and out of the river. how about ocean city today? the beach weekends, we got a few of them left, shoulder city kicking in. still technically summer on the calendar. right now look at the air temps, 81ed frederick and 73 in cam springs. the humidity ridge, there's two of them. ocean city and ridgeman, the super sticky air, we are in moderate humidity now. dryer air edging in towards northern ohio and the pittsburgh area. that dryer air, believe me, it
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is set to blow in here in a big way. it will feel good sunday, monday and right into the middle of next week. first we got to get through tonight and especially tomorrow night. if you look on the far edge of the screen, see the storms in northern ohio. that is what we are watching for tomorrow. we start off fine. early sunshine. there will be showers towards the beaches potentially coming in off of the water. this is walking to western maryland at 2:00. then as we push towards 6:00 and dinner time and towards the oriole games that line will be approaching. the most intense should remain in pennsylvania north and new england. some of the showers could be gusty and severe blowing through tomorrow evening. that's typically when we have the most heat around. could be decent storms. sunday behind the line clearing out nicely. humidity will be dropping
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through the day, a nice northwest breeze, that will feel refreshing, watching the storm line as it continues to move east. so before we get to the good weather, we got to deal with that. also, the tropics beginning to quiet down, less than a 20% chance of nadine developing in the gulf and what is left of michael out here is still a pretty significant storm. a smaller hurricane but winds to 100 miles per hour. a potent system throughout. leslie, a tropical storm. tonight a few clouds and 68. tomorrow early sun, looking good. late tomorrow evening where we could see showers and storms. those could linger to the early part of the evening. check out what happens as we go in the sunday time frame. look at that beautiful blue skies will be the story and as we check the outlook, the blue skies and that cooler clear condition will last through the middle part of next week. stay here, we'll be back for
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more abc2news at 11 coming up.
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here is one way to tell your children apart. the mother of quadruple brothers have found a fashionable way to tell them apart. they have a number shade with the top of their head, the numbers one through four, in birth order and the teachers say that hair cuts make it easier to tell them apart. the boys say they don't mind the cuts for now but they will have -- a psychiatrist will make a little money off of them. >> when somebody says i pity the fool. >> i don't know about the other numbers.
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>> how about the rain. >> rosie, we are good tonight in the first part of saturday. things begin to change in the afternoon. watch out for storms. they will linger tomorrow evening. after that we are good. >> and we'll be right back.
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a lot of rain coming our way this weekend. narrow window tomorrow afternoon and evening. that's it for us. you can get the latest online
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on go orioles. ?v37tuoĆ³
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